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Special Handwriting Course from Scholars' Point at Dwarka

Our handwriting course is crafted for tender minds and budding intellects……get your child enrolled today to reap maximum benefits!!

Handwriting Improvement Course for Kids

Some facts & figures about handwriting:

  • 80% of teachers would feel relieved to check copies and notebooks coming with good handwriting.
  • Poor handwriting may irritate a teacher and may even urge him or her to mark the student low especially during tests and exams
  • Students who have good handwriting receive better marks during an assessment


Even in this digital age, the quality of handwriting one demonstrates has a profound aspect on academic as well as professional life. As a parent, it’s natural to want to improve the quality of penmanship your kid demonstrates and ensure great legibility. The simplest way to do this is join our ” Handwriting Improvement classes for Kids” to get the correct, scientifically developed and time tested expert help for your little scholars from a tender age.

The sooner your child gets enrolled in our  ” Handwriting Improvement classes for Kids” , the easier it becomes to pick up and hone writing skills. Here is where the ” Handwriting Improvement classes for Kids” from Scholars’ Point comes to your rescue with its academically curated, tested, kids friendly model that recognizes that every child has a different learning graph.

The USP of our course is

  • Boosting the left brain hemisphere activity in kids by strengthening hand to eye coordination and improving legibility, accuracy and comprehension in writing.
  • Reducing the chance of getting affected by over reliance on technology…a modern phenomenon that gets kids addicted to gadgets at the cost of academic and personal health.
  • Enhancing professional prospects, intellect and an undying love for the written word…all of which boosts the chances of success in your kids life

” Handwriting Improvement classes for Kids” Course Outline:

Handwriting improvement requires practice. More the practice your will do, better would be your writing.

Generally Scholars’ Point Handwriting courses come in 45 days duration but this can be adjusted in accordance to the learning requirements of individual children. Handwriting classes are conducted in Sector 7 and Sector 5 Branch located at Dwarka, New Delhi

” Handwriting Improvement classes for Kids” are conducted  5 days a week .

For more details fill the form which is end of the page and we will be in touch with you.

Those who cannot attend our offline ” Handwriting Improvement classes for Kids” course , they may opt to enroll for our “Online  Handwriting Improvement classes for Kids”. In our online E-Handwriting improvement course for kids, hard copy of books will be sent to you and you will be given access to online videos created our expert trainers. You will have the option to complete the course at your convenient time.

Handwriting Feedback:

See how kids have improved (just a few examples, actual is too long to list down on webpage)...
Handwriting that looked like a scribble now looks simply awesome...

Student Name: Akarsha – Class II¸ Indraprastha International School, Dwarka

Handwriting Before Joining
Before Joining the Course
Handwrting Improvement
After Joining The Course

Student Name: Dabhar Singh Bhartiya – Class V, Bal Bharti Public School, Ghaziabad

Before Joining Course
Before Joining The Course
Dabhar Handwriting After Joining
After Joining The Course

Student Name: Yash Wardhan Narayanan – Class VIII, Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar

Handwriting Improvement Course
Before Joining The Course
Handwriting After Joining Course
After Joining The Course

Student Name: Sriyanshi Anand – Class III, Vishwa Bharti Public School, Dwarka

Before Joining The Course
After Joining Course
After Joining The Course

Student Name: Bloom – Class VI, Maxfort School, Dwarka

Handwriting improvement
Before Joining The Course
Handwriting improvement Classes
After Joining The Course

What Parents and Students say about us!

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Rajesh Chhikara
Rajesh Chhikara
10:29 03 Nov 19
Vedic. Math test being conducted at scholars’ point
gaurav yadav
gaurav yadav
11:54 19 Jul 19
Very good for kids as well as youngster also.anyone can improve the handwriting here.they have their own font of english that is easy to learn.read more
Kiran Sihan
Kiran Sihan
09:21 21 Mar 19
My two kids mental calculations improved a lot after joining Scholar’s point . Thanks to the trainer .
Arjun Dev Magoo
Arjun Dev Magoo
01:51 09 Mar 19
I am really happy with the progress of my son. After joining vedic math course his mental calculation and speed has increased a lot. Thanks to scholars point.read more
Geetika Hans
Geetika Hans
06:26 04 Mar 19
Excellent institute. Well experienced teachers and their method of teaching is very good
Sanjeev Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar
02:09 04 Mar 19
Excellent and experienced teachers and methodology of teaching. Great response and progress in a short period of time.
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar
04:27 24 Feb 19
Have acknowledged tremendous change in my 2 kids.They take proper care not just in terms of bookish knowledge but with mental exercise as well.They provide lot of activities to nurish kids overall development.read more
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