About Us

Maths  is a Fun. Learn From Us and Become an Expert!

We are a more than 18 year old coaching center which is controlled and managed by highly qualified lady tutor with more than 18 years of teaching experience. At Scholars point we make use all those techniques like abacus and vedic math which stimulates the mind of the child. We help your child to get better sense and understanding the numbers.

We at Scholars point:

  • Not only teach but develop logical concept
  • Teach maths with the help of techniques like Vedic maths and abacus.
  • Give Individual Attention to every student
  • Make you master in maths and logical reasoning
  • Create Conducive competitive environment for the students.
  • We provide regular testing and feedback

What will you gain from Scholars’ Point:

Your gains would be as follows:

  • Improved confidence in Maths
  • Freedom from the fear of Maths
  • Unique ability to solve Maths  problems with ease
  • Ability to stay ahead of others in class

What we expect from you:

While we are fully committed to help you master in Maths , we too have certain expectations from you as a ‘student’. Our expectations are as follows:

  • Regularity in class
  • Attentive and eager to learn
  • Good Behavior
  • Homework completion on time

Scholars’ Point: Fountain of Maths  Knowledge: drink deep from it!

Scholars’ Point is an institute dedicated to helping students gain proficiency and expertise in Math . For many its a tough subject but one should know that its very high scoring one. However, while some students find it easy to learn Maths, some find it difficult. We are here to help students who find it easy to become much more proficient. We are here to help students who find maths a tough subject to tackle it with ease and become proficient.

Scholars Point employs highly qualified and trained tutors in Maths  with a commitment and passion for teaching. Our unique methods of instruction include using various pathways of teaching. We use techniques of Vedic maths and Abacus, visual approach and other methods that will help explain and make clear the intricacies of maths. We know maths can be frustrating for some students and that each student has a different learning curve. Our tutors explain each point patiently according to a student’s ability to grasp a topic. Each tutor is chosen for knowledge, teaching skills and for the ability to be understanding. When you join our classes you do not just become proficient, you develop a lifelong love for maths and science that will help you succeed in your career and will make your base strong for competitive exams.