Scholars' Point- A Skill Development Institute in Dwarka Delhi

Scholars’ Point works on the development of the basic concepts of the child by using techniques Vedic Math, Mental Math, Abacus and Analytical mind Development games and activities. We make sure that Math become a fun for your child.

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Our different Programs are thoughtfully designed to stimulate mind of your child. We are leader in Vedic Math, Mental Math, Logical and Analytical Reasoning, Abacus, Handwriting Improvement classes, online Tuition classes in Math. We provide offline and online interactive classes.


Logical Reasoning

About Us

Our unique instructional methods and personalized attention guarantee results.

Scholars’ Point

Why Scholars’ Point

We are a more than 22 year old coaching center which is controlled and managed by highly qualified lady tutor with more than 22 years of teaching experience. Those who are residing near Ashirwad Chowk or Near ramphal Chowk, they can take the benefit of our offline Tuition classes as well.  At Scholars’ point we make use all those techniques like Mental Math, Vedic Math, Mind Games which stimulates the mind of the child. We help your child to get better sense and understanding the numbers.

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Not only teach but develop logical concept
Teach maths with the help of techniques like Vedic math and Mental Math and Mind Games.
Give Individual Attention to every student
Make you master in mathematical and logical reasoning Skills
Create Conducive competitive environment for the students.
Conduct Regular and exhaustive tests.
We provide regular testing and feedback

Your gains would be as follows-

Improved confidence in solving problems
Freedom from the fear of Maths
Unique ability to solve Mathematical and logical problems with ease
Ability to stay ahead of others in class

While we are fully committed to help you master in Mathematical and logical skills, we too have certain expectations from you as a ‘student’. Our expectations are as follows-

Regularity in class
Attentive and eager to learn
Good Behavior
Homework completion on time

Scholars’ Point: Fountain of Mathematical and Logical Skills: drink deep from it!

Why Scholars’ Point?

Here is why Scholars’ Point scores way ahead of the average coaching institute:


What we offer?

  • Apart from normal Math coaching / Tuition classes we do provide training on mind stimulating exercise like Mental Math, Vedic Maths, Abacus, Logical and Analytical Reasoning, Olympiad preparation and Handwriting Improvement. So you need not to send your child at different places for different trainings. This saves yours and your child’s time.
  • We provide online interactive classes also. So no need to depend on costly home tutors. Join our online classes which are as much effective as offline line classes.
  • Apart from the objective and mental maths we equally focus on word problems, so in this way we take care 360 degree.

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Benefits of Joining Scholars’ Point

  • The fear of facing unknown and new problems will vanish from your child’s life.
  • You get the unique ability to tackle maths problems and real time problems and resolve them with ease.
  • You gain proficiency and expertise in mathematical skills.
  • You get life-long confidence that will help you advance to the highest levels of studies.
  • You will become a shining star in your class and school.

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Our Backbone

Glimpses of Our Tutors, Our Pride:

Scholar’s point is empowered by the wealth of experience and knowledge possessed by its promoters, Mr Rajesh Chhikara and Mrs Rajni.

Trainer in Abacus and Vedic Math

Rajesh Chhikara

Master Trainer in  Vedic Math & Logical Reasoning
Arithmetic Guru

Rajesh Chhikara comes with a MBA degree and has 20 long years of Management experience. He is also the promoter of other learning institutes like Institute of Open Source and

Trainer in Mathematics, Science and Handwriting Improvement


Master Trainer in Mental Math and Higher Math
Handwriting Improvement Coach

Mrs. Rajni comes with a M. Sc in Maths plus MIT degree.She has 20 long years of teaching experience in Maths and Science. She is expert in developing enthusiasm for maths & science in Students.