Courses we offer

Our different courses are thought-fully designed to help students in Developing their mind to think. Apart from having regular offline classes at our institute, we do also conduct online classes of Various courses. As due to corona Virus outbreak its not possible to conduct offline classes so we are conducting online interactive classes of Vedic Math, Mental and Logical Reasoning. Our Parent Company ” Analytical Brains Education Pvt Ltd” have come with E- Learning programs in Vedic Math and Handwriting Improvement. Apart from being cost effective to do e learning course , kids have the choice to do the course as per their own convenient time.

Online courses through real time interactive Classes are:

Eligibility Age :11 Yrs & Above Eligibility Age :9 Yrs & Above Eligibility Age :8 Yrs to 11 Yrs Eligibility Age :6 Yrs to 8 Yrs

E- Learning Course:

If you don’t want to stick to a particular time and is looking for some flexible solution, then you may opt for our E- leaning solution of vedic Math. Where each topic has been explained with the help of Videos followed by theoretical concept explanation and exercises with solution. We do also provide Handwriting course through our E-Learning Course. These courses are being provided by Our Parent company “Analytical Brains Education Private Limited” at a very economical price, so that maximum of the students can take benefit of these courses.
Eligibility Age :11 Yrs & Above Eligibility Age :11 Yrs & Above Eligibility Age :6 Yes & above