Mental Math course

Mental Math: A skill that every child should have?


Most of the kids either uses their fingers to do calculations or use method of line. It is not their fault but they are taught like this way only.

Finger counting not only looks odd but takes lot of time to make calculation. In early childhood parents ignore this habit of Calculation and later on when child becomes habitual to this practice, it affect the performance of child in the higher classes.

So Scholars’ Point has come with a Mental Math Program for 5- 8 years old kids, as it is scientifically proved that 5-8 years is the best age when the mind of the child can be molded.

At Scholars’ Point, We train the mind of the child to make calculation without the use of paper, pen, or a calculator. Apart from mental math, child Analytical mind is developed with the help of various Mind development games and puzzles. Our mind games and puzzles are designed to make child capable of solving the real time problems.

The entire Mental Math program is stretched out to a year-long period that is further divided into semesters of three months duration.

Why is Mental Maths a crucial skill for children?

  • It stimulates the brain
  • It boosts better learning capabilities.
  • Develops imagination and concentration
  • Develops Analytical Thinking
  • Learns how to deal with challenging tasks and soon starts to enjoy all of it.
  • Increases confidence Level
  • A child will be able to apply mental math to a wide range of applications.

We push students towards excellence. At scholars’ Point, your child will receive all the guidance and training needed to succeed and love mathematics.

Program Duration Class Duration Pre-requisites Affiliation
Mental Math One Year Course Thrice a week ( One hour each day) Basic understanding of Numbers Analytical Brains Education Pvt. Ltd.
Mental Math One Year Course Twice a week ( One  and an half hour each day) Basic understanding of Numbers Analytical Brains Education Pvt. Ltd.

Eligibility: Any student from class 01 to class 03

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