Abacus Classes

Abacus Classes (A skill Development program for your child):

The power of Our Abacus Program in shaping your child’s mind

Scholars’ Point through its Abacus training focuses on the development and growth of your child’s mental calculation capabilities. We will ensure that your child understands the intricacies of the basic number system from a young age.

How your child will be benefitted by joining our Abacus Program:

Mathematics can turn out to be a puzzle to your child. However, when a child is taught Abacus it will end up building a firm understanding of the subject right away from his or her formative years. The visual aid of Abacus creates a proper concept in a child’s mind. Children are asked to count the beads this enhances the coordination between their eyes and hands. With thorough practice a child starts to create the image of the Abacus in their head. This will improve their ability to perform mental math.

Each and every one of us want our children to achieve great heights in life but it’s important that they start early in life to reach such successes later on. As a parent you must acknowledge that early childhood is undoubtedly the most crucial part of human life. It has an impact on the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development. While it is a proven scientific fact that the growth of human brain is at its peak during the early childhood days, however, it is also a fact that every child processes the information differently. At Scholars’ Point we treat each child according to its needs and learning patterns.

Why you should join your child in our Abacus Program:

    • Encourages the growth and development of the brain.

The left portion of the brain only focuses on analysis of every information it gets. On the other hand, the right side of our brain is associated with thinking, visualization, and creativity. Our Abacus training will help to stimulate that portion of your child brain and improve the ability of your child to observe, visualize, and memorize.

    • Will help in developing logical understanding

With the passage of time your child will be able to create a mental image of an Abacus and do all the calculations in his or her head. When your child will be presented with a mathematical problem they will imagine it on mental abacus and will apply the needed logic to move the beads in his / her mind. Repeated performance of mental math will build his/ her ability to apply logics in his / her day to day life problems..

    • Improves concentration

Abacus has proven beneficial in improving the concentration of children. Your child after receiving Abacus training will show a improved level of concentration.

    • Improves overall performance

Abacus Classes in Dwarka will help to improve your child’s academic performance. You will see your child score better in every subject.

Abacus training will help in developing a stable and strong mind of your child.
We make sure every child becomes confident in every aspect of life not only in math. Allow us to help your child grow.

Abacus Training Program details:

We have divided whole Abacus Classes for Kids in Dwarka in different levels. Each level is of three month and course duration varies from 2 ro 2.5 years.

Age Group No. of Levels Class Duration Pre-requisites Affiliation
4 to 6 Years ( Elementary Level) 10 Levels ( each level of three months) Once a week ( 2 hrs. class) Basic Understanding of Numbers Abacus Olympic Association
7 to 13 Years (Regular Level) 8 Levels ( each level of three months) Once a week ( 2 hrs. class) Understanding of Numbers Abacus Olympic Association

As it is a skill development program, so regular practice is need to develop this skill. In order to make regularity we will provide two books to students, one will be for class work and another will be Home work, where child will be completing exercise per at home as homework.