Welcome to your Vedic Math Sr. Paper-II

1. Find the value of x and y by Vedic Method:a)  2x + 3y = 13
b) 5x + 2y = 16
2. Multiply the following by verticle and cross wise method:(7x – 3 ) and (3x – 1)
3. Which is the right option:
4. FInd the value of 92 × 98
5. Digit sum of a two digit number is 6. First digit is double the 2nd digit. Find the number
6. 11121 ÷ 9, Find the quotient and remainder
7. Divide 37 by 25 ( by Vedic method)
8. Without actual solving find which of the following will be correct answer:21821 X 7894
9. Find the Cube Root of 153130375
10. Solve the following quadratic Equation by vedic method:2x^2 -11x +15
11. Which one of the following is smaller:
13. The ratio of the area of two classroom floors is 4:5. If the smaller classroom has a floor of 30 Sq m. Find the area of larger classroom.
14. Find the square Root of 451584
15. What will be day on 26th Jan 2051
16. Rishi sold his television set for Rs 2560, thereby losing 20% on what he paid for it. What did he pay for it?
17. Add, then convert your answer into an ordinary number
18. Use your best method to solve 787 × 879
19. You are given a bag full of marbles. If you know that the marbles in the bag can be divided into equal groups of 34, 150 and 40, then what is the least possible number of marbles in your bag?
20. A man can row 30 km upstream and 44 km downstream in 10 hours. Also, he can row 40 km upstream and 55 km downstream in 13 hours. Find the rate oif current and the speed of the man in still water.